Executive Minister Nomination Deadline Is Friday

CHICAGO, IL (March 2, 2015) — Friday is the deadline to make nominations for executive minister of Make and Deepen Disciples.

The position is being filled on an interim basis by Evelyn Johnson. The role incorporates leadership over the previously separate ministry areas of Evangelism, Christian Formation, and Women Ministries.

An overview of the position can be found here.

To nominate someone or to express your own personal interest, please see the instructions and email nominations to MDDSearch@covchurch.org.

The board hopes to have a nominee identified in the second quarter of this year. The nominee will then be presented to the Covenant Annual Meeting for election. The position begins September 1, 2015.

Make and Deepen Disciples is one of the five mission priorities of the Covenant, also including Start and Strengthen Churches; Serve Globally; Love Mercy and Do Justice; and Develop Leaders.




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