Bethany Benefits: Health Insurance Premium Holiday for June

CHICAGO, IL (March 2, 2015) — Bethany Benefit Service (BBS) today announced a waiver of premium for health insurance for the month of June 2015.

In addition to health insurance, BBS provides life and long-term disability insurance.

Elliott Johnson

Elliott Johnson

Currently covered are more than 3,400 pastors, missionaries, retirees, surviving spouses, and dependents at churches, conferences, and affiliated Covenant entities, including camps.

A combination of factors have contributed to the announcement: better-than-expected financial claims as well as significant provider discount and cost savings achieved by working with other denominations to get a lower negotiated cost.

The June premium holiday means the annual cost over last year will decrease by 4.8 percent at a time when most employers have faced double-digit premium increases.

Elliott Johnson, assistant director of pensions and Covenant controller who has lead responsibility for BBS, noted, “We are delighted to be able to make these savings available to our churches and retirees at this time of continued significant economic uncertainty. God has truly blessed these programs which provide such excellent coverage.”

Paul Hawkinson, treasurer and director of finance, stated, “It is a great privilege and honor to manage the Bethany Benefits program on behalf of the ECC’s pastors, missionaries, and church staff, and we are committed to providing benefit enhancements and savings whenever possible to assist them in their ministry.”

Participating employers and retirees will get their lower invoices shortly. For those paying by automatic check withdrawal, the June deduction will only be for the life and long-term disability premiums.


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