Stories on Unaccompanied Children Most-Read in January

CHICAGO, IL (February 2, 2015) — The most-read Covenant Newswire stories in January included three that focused on continued ministry to children from Latin America who crossed the Mexican-U.S. border in unprecedented numbers last year.

To read those stories and others, click on the links below.

Pastor to Serve as Parent for Unaccompanied Minors


Pastor, Church Help Immigrants While Awaiting Hearings

Five for Friday: Handcuffed Man Saves Officer, Medical Journal Poetry

Children’s Hopes Dashed, Aid Workers Hearts Broken0202 most read children welcome party

Peter Hedstrom Named to New NCP Post

Chaplain Lundblad Featured in Chicago Tribune

Obituary: Ralph Youngman

Who Would You Cast to Play God in Movie?

African-American Officers: Most Cops Want to Do Job Well

Retirement Community Residents Serve Needs of Children







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