ECC of Canada Publishes Lenten Reader

WINNIPEG, MB (February 4, 2015) — The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada has published a Lenten Reader that includes reflections on texts from the Gospel of John.

Conference members as well as some staff from Covenant Offices in Chicago contributed the reflections. The reader can be downloaded for free or read online.

Lent begins February 18.0204 lenten reader peasant burning weeds

Reflecting on John 1:35-51, in which Jesus calls four disciples, Kirsten Waldschmidt of College Park Covenant Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, writes: A friend of mine has this relationship with his dad where they talk only when the son makes the phone call. If he doesn’t call—he won’t ever talk to his dad. It’s all on him. One day when my friend was listening for God, he said to him, “I’m not waiting by the phone like your dad. I call you.” Jesus has already turned toward us. He speaks first. A gracious invitation: What do you want? When you strip away all the consumerism and entertainment in your life—what is your heart’s deepest desire?

In his meditation on John 2:1-12, the story of Jesus turning the water into wine, Joel Braun of Kensington Commons Covenant Church in Calgary, Alberta, writes: During the Lent season, some people try to make external changes to represent an internal change of direction or intent. Maybe it’s good to keep this story in mind during this decision-making process, because what if you did something that mirrors the way Jesus chose to do things in this story? Maybe, instead of “giving something up” that betters yourself (even though that might be good), what if you focused on regularly doing something small that is entirely for someone else?

The reader also includes famous works of art for reflection. The cover features Vincent Van Gogh’s Peasant Burning Weeds.




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