40 Under 40

We know what you’re thinking. “Forty under 40? Has the Companion gone crazy?”

Well, maybe. But there’s a mission behind our madness. Although relentless reports proclaim the demise of denominations and the exodus of young adults from the church, we know that’s not the full story—especially in the ECC. So we decided to focus on another narrative: 40 Covenanters under the age of 40.

A word about our selection process. We recognize that 40 is an arbitrary number. Many more individuals than the ones presented here are serving the church and doing interesting work. After soliciting nominations online and throughout the denomination, we received a slew of names. We heard from Covenant leaders and pastors, readers and laypeople. The list grew, until we eventually had hundreds of nominees. Then the hard part began—how to narrow it down?

We kept saying, “We have to tell this person’s story.” And, “This person deserves a separate article,” and, “How can we possibly choose just 40?” We discovered just a sampling of the riches throughout the Covenant—twenty- and thirty-something women and men who are serving in both quiet and pronounced ways in churches, classrooms, offices, and numerous other venues. We’re delighted to introduce just a handful of them here.

Several nominees (and nominators) expressed reservations about this project—that it might unduly “hype” their ministry or sensationalize their work. That it might sound like a popularity contest or a top-ten list. Some were concerned that the project itself might be missing the point altogether. We found it a testament to the ethos of the Covenant that so many responded with such humility. And really, that’s a big part of the story we want to tell. These are ordinary people who are making a difference.




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