Housing Allowance Decision Most-Read November Story

CHICAGO, IL (December 2, 2013) — The decision by a District Court judge who ruled that housing allowances for ministers are unconstitutional was the most-read Covenant News Service article in November. The story is far from over, however, as the ruling probably will be appealed.

Other popular stories included a pastor who plans to snowmobile 1,500 miles to raise money for his congregation and a poignant Advent reflection.

To read the articles, click on the links below.

Court Decision on Housing Allowance Could Have Major Impact

Pastor Goes the Distance for His Church

In-Law’s Question an Answer to Prayer Not Prayed

Marathoner’s Friends Run to Funeral, Cemetery

Inmate Who Spent 40 Years in Solitary Impacted Covenant

CWR Responds to Storm Tragedy

Filipino Congregation Struggles to Make Sense of Tragedy

Five for Friday: Links Covenanters are Reading

New Residential Discipleship Program to Begin in 2014

Athletic Director Creates Culture of Mentoring Leadership

Milwaukee Church Wins Zoning Lawsuit




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