Bible Experience Resources Available for Download

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CHICAGO, IL (August 8, 2016) – Resources for the Covenant Community Bible Experience (CBE) are now available for download. They are published in English and Spanish.

They include materials for all ages that range from “How to Read the Bible with Children” and “How to Engage in Conversations about God” for kids to personal study questions and Spotify playlists that corresponds with lessons for adults and teens.

Materials also include a variety of ideas for using CBE as an outreach to neighbors, including suggested wording for invitations, possible venues outside the home, and questions to use.

Community Bible Experience is designed so that participants read the Bible more as a story than a reference book, said Michelle Sanchez, executive minister of Make and Deepen Disciples. She added that it should be viewed more as a book club than a Bible study.

CBE is a lot simpler than most small-group Bible studies or church-wide campaigns. It consists of a few basic ingredients—a Bible unlike any other, a 40-day reading plan, and book club-style conversations.

The program has deepened relationships and increased the desire to read the Scriptures, report congregations that have piloted the project.

More about CBE can be found online.




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