God’s Call– Dany Flores


Dany Flores
Pastor, Iglesia del Pacto Vida Plena, Oak Park, Illinois
Ordained: 2013

My Journey

My journey hasn’t always been easy, but it has been edifying. It started when my husband and I, along with three other couples, were sent to a church on the South Side of Chicago. Rev. Gabriel Quiroga saw talent and the call, and appointed us as church planters of what is now Iglesia del Pacto Evangelico Peniel. My husband, Sergio Gonzalez, has always inspired and persuaded me to grow as a woman and as a minister. He has seen that I have the gift of serving.

My passion is to serve in the community. When I started taking classes at North Park Theological Seminary, quite frankly it was just to become a leader who was better equipped to serve at my church. The more classes I took, the more clear it became that God was calling me. As I continued my studies, it became evident to me that ordination was one of my goals—the special vestment that God gives through his church. I felt affirmed in my calling by numerous professors, such as Eugenio Restrepo, Bob Hubbard, and Ed Delgado.

Challenges and Joys

Some of the barriers and challenges I have faced in ministry have to do with culture shock. At times I have also felt alone, in part because my family is still in Mexico. I have often had to get out of my comfort zone.

Once I was ordained, other women from Hispanic churches began telling me that one day they too would like to be ordained in the Covenant and are currently taking classes.

Most important, it has been an immense reward to see my children (Meztli, Tietl, and Citlalli) serve in ministry in a variety of capacities.

When I grew up, I wanted to be:

Either a lawyer or a businesswoman

First live concert:

I was an adult—I went to go see Marcos Barrientos.




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