Covenant Retirement Communities Launches New Campaign to Reach Churches

crc-header-1CHICAGO, IL (April 27, 2016) — A new informational campaign for Covenant Retirement Communities (CRC) was launched this past weekend in Covenant churches around the nation. Over the next few months, Covenant congregations are being invited to host their own “CRC Sunday” as a way to highlight the unique services offered by the denomination’s very own retirement communities. CRC serves more than 5,000 people at 15 residential facilities in 10 states.

Terri Cunliffe

Terri Cunliffe

Informational cards were distributed to every ECC congregation, and churches are invited to share them with interested members and attendees. The cards highlight a dynamic video found at Anyone who watches the video and fills out an information form at the website can choose to have a donation made to a Covenant charity of their choice.

“My desire for CRC Sunday is for Covenant people to experience the power of Christian community through the stories of fellow Covenanters who live in a Covenant Retirement Community,” said Covenant Retirement Communities CEO Terri Cunliffe.

Cunliffe invites Covenanters to recognize CRC as a resource for practical questions about aging, in addition to providing housing and senior services.

“We want to partner with Covenant churches and conferences to help them better serve the senior adults in their congregations,” she said. “I’m always proud to tell people that CRC is not only an affiliate ministry of the Covenant Church, it is the church!”

Cunliffe added that CRC is in the process of updating its strategic plan. “There is an overarching desire to expand our reach to more Covenant people through a broader range of services and options.”

For more information or to view the CRC Sunday video and help an ECC charity, go to




  • I’m glad to hear that CRC has a renewed strong interest in making its mission to those who are part of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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