Joel Rude Named New Alpine Executive Director

BLUE JAY, CA (March 17, 2016) – Joel Rude has been named executive director of Alpine Camp and Conference Center, it was announced Friday.

Joel and Laurie Rude

Joel and Laurie Rude

He has served as associate director for eight years. In that role, he supervised multiple staff teams and oversaw their development, assisted Alpine in successfully passing the American Camping Association accreditation for three straight years, and helped lay the groundwork of a strategic plan for the camp’s future.

“Joel is highly regarded for his character, has a passion for Christian camping, and an even deeper passion for making Christ known through a ‘mountain top experience,’” said Nick Von Stein, chair of Alpine Camp’s Board of Directors. “He is caring, wise, well read, and has a deep understanding of Alpine.”

Paul Wilson, superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference, commented, “Joel has a deep love for God, is passionate about growing Christ followers, and is captivated by the pursuit of Christian integrity in all aspects of life and ministry. A commissioned Covenant minister, Joel has a deep background and a strong commitment to Christian camping ministry.”




  • Congratulations Joel. I attended winter camp there when I lived in Tucson. . went there as a youth (from Tucson – Winter camp). Still, my Bluewater roots run deep!

    • Joel, I was hoping that you would be chosen and now it is a fact. My Alpine days go back to 1956 when we discovered that the Arrowhead Alpine Club was for sale. Now it is ours and much more. Blessings on you and your continuing leadership. Dan Seagren

  • We are so happy for you Joel, and of course we know Laurie plays a big part in this also. God goes hand
    in hand in partnership. We know what a good “top of the heap” you were at Lake Beauty Bible Camp and know God will continue with this ministry.

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