Covenant Ministries Join Efforts to Help Flint

ft-flint-water-crisis-1FLINT, MI (February 5, 2016) — The Great Lakes Conference, Covenant World Relief, and the Love Mercy Do Justice mission priority will work together with several other organizations to help bring relief to the people of Flint, Michigan, who are experiencing hardship due to the water emergency.

“We are targeting areas that are not presently receiving much in the way of resources such as water, filters, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lead blood level testing from either the city or other agencies,” said Jody Eidnes, office administrator of the Great Lakes Conference.

“Some people have not yet received assistance because they don’t have transportation to get resources, don’t have a government-issued ID, don’t speak the language and don’t know how to obtain resources, don’t have a settled address, or fear authorities,” Eidnes said.

“This is a collaborative effort to aid children and families whose lives have been completely upended by the devastating water crisis in Flint,” said Cecilia Williams, executive minister of LMDJ. “Benevolent Covenanters have already sent aid, participated in distributions, and gathered to consider ongoing intervention. We continue to receive inquiries daily as to how congregations might get involved in serving the people of Flint.”

The Covenant ministries have joined with the Wesleyan Church and other groups who are part of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) to form the Flint Grassroots Initiative. Other groups who have agreed to give resources are Covenant Community Care in the Detroit area and various wholesalers. The group will deliver water and fruit, conduct blood-level tests, offer education on the situation, and help install filters. Items will be distributed at several locations in the city.

“Water is life,” Williams said. “We are reminded over and over in our holy text that we are born of it, nourished and sustained by it. Our efforts in Flint mirror the good work we are doing all over the world in saving lives through providing access to clean water and sanitation.”

Dave Husby, CWR director, said, “I am grateful for the collaborative partnership in this response to the water crisis in Flint between Love Mercy Do Justice, Covenant World Relief, and the Great Lakes Conference which is partnering with faith-based organizations on the ground. This is the Covenant at its best.”

Contributions can be made on the dedicated giving page. Anyone wishing to make a service trip to the area is asked to call or email Eidnes at the GLC office.




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