Musk Ox to Be on Soup Kitchen Menu

NOME, AK (August 14, 2015) — A musk ox that gored two sled dogs, killing one on Wednesday, will be served as dinner throughout the fall and winter at the Friday soup kitchen run by First Covenant Church.

The ox was killed during the attack. Under Alaskan law, meat from the animal must be surrendered to a nonprofit. Church members were expected to process the meat today.

Pastor Harvey Fiskeaux told the local media that they will be serving musk ox roasts and stew when the ministry starts up again in September.

Last year there were multiple gorings of dogs by musk ox in Nome, but Wednesday’s attack was the first of the year.

It will not be the first time that a Covenant church has had meat given to it by the state and then used for ministry. River Covenant Church in Kenai has a “Road-kill Moose Meat Recovery Ministry.”

Moose that have died from exposure to freezing temperatures or that have been accidentally killed are turned over to the church, which processes the meat and then donates it to people in the community in need of food.





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