Who Changed Your Life?

Imentor climbingn an upcoming issue, the Companion plans to feature conversations between mentors and mentees, between long-time experts in a given field and younger counterparts. We’re looking for nominations of people in the Covenant whom you have seen encourage others as they try to find their way in the church, the community, or their vocation. Nominees can be teachers, church members, professionals, experts in a field, faithful leaders, or faithful followers who have entered into the lives of others to provide wisdom, guidance, and support.

A wide variety of perspectives and professions are welcome and needed. We’re looking for people of all ages and vocations to tell their stories. To join the conversation, please fill out the form below or contact Cathy Norman Peterson at cathy.normanpeterson@covchurch.org.

Online Form – Call for Mentors


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  • My NPU professors, Zenos Hawkinson and Mel Soneson opened my eyes as a freshman and sophomore to expand my history, philosophy, religious and convictions. They were very narrow, provincial and sheltered being raised in a Covenant church circa 1950s.

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