Is It Time to Shift Your Relationship with God?

CHICAGO, IL (May 29, 2015) — Nearly two dozen Covenant ministry practitioners and academics have combined to produce Shift, a unique new discipleship curriculum to be used by people of all ages in every church.

The curriculum has been birthed out of CHIC 2015, the denomination’s triennial youth event slated for July. Each lesson has been adapted for different age groups. “We really would love to see everyone in our congregations using this curriculum to help them grow in their faith while they wrestle with different issues,” said Tim Ciccone, the team leader for the denomination’s youth ministry.

Each author writes out of his or her own experience and context, relying as well as on the wisdom of the broader church. Ciccone said the diversity of the writers further lends the curriculum to being adapted in many contexts.

Congregations may choose to use the Shift curriculum in late summer or early fall of 2015, but it also works as a stand-alone discipleship resource to be used at any time.

All material is free and can be downloaded at the Shift curriculum website.

Each week’s lesson includes sermon notes, Bible studies, and discussion guides, as well as lesson plans for children.

Week 1: Shift your relationship with God.pastor_bible_study2

Week 2: Shift your relationship with people.

Week 3: Shift your idea of how God can use you.

Week 4: Shift your ability to see pain.

Week 5: Shift your perspective on the world.

Week 6: Shift into action.

During the final week, churches are invited to partner with Covenant World Relief’s clean water initiative, Project Blue.





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