Covenant Companion Cover Parodied

CHICAGO, IL (March 11, 2015) – Covenanters are having fun with the cover of the current issue of the Covenant Companion, posting pictures of themselves on social media imitating Matt Nightingale’s pose.

Corey Johnsrud to be like his colleague.

Corey Johnsrud wants to be like his colleague.

Nightingale is the pastor of worship at Redwood Covenant Church in Santa Rosa, California, and the issue includes a photo essay of how his team prepares for Sunday services.

After the issue was published, Nightingale’s wife, Luanne, started the #silentmatt hashtag on Twitter. That’s when their children and other friends and colleagues started posting their own photos.

The picture depicts Nightingale thinking about creative ways he and others are considering the “Re-Order of Worship.” Some have also viewed it as Matt encouraging people to be quiet.

The Redwood staff has enjoyed poking fun at their colleague. Corey Johnsrud, pastor of adult ministries, declared, “I just want to be a Twitter giant like @mattnightingale!”

Nicole Strouth Hoefer, the photographer who took the picture, posted, “I laughed so hard when I first saw that they had chosen this for the cover because I remember how silly he was being, shooting me some ‘Blue Steel’ and other looks before landing on this. It was one of those ‘moment’ shots that neither of us would have chosen for the cover but it actually works!”

A friend's dog strikes a pose

A friend’s dog strikes a pose

“Given that Matt was reluctant to be featured on the cover to begin with, this is perfect,” said Cathy Norman Peterson, the magazine’s managing editor. “We’re pleased with how this issue on reconceiving the ways we approach worship came together—and it’s great to see our online community having fun with the cover. Matt joked that he dreams of being the Covenant’s first executive minister of social media…maybe he’s on his way!”

With his typical good humor, Nightingale responded online, saying, “I love that my wife @malujojaemza started this #silentmatt hashtag on Facebook. She knows that my primary love language is social media. :)”





  • Knowing Matt, I’m not surprised to see his picture on the front of the Covenant Companion. I’ve found that Matt is ubiquitous!

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