West Coast-East Coast Wager on Super Bowl

By Stan Friedman

SEATTLE, WA (January 30, 2015) – For the second straight year, Covenant Shores Retirement Community is gambling on the Super Bowl.

greg a and glennLast year, they won a large supply of Celestial Seasons tea from Covenant Village of Colorado when the Seattle Seahawks thrashed the Denver Broncos for their first-ever Super Bowl win. The residents initiated the wager when they sent a letter taunting their Colorado counterparts.

This year, just a day after the Seahawks made a historic comeback against the Green Bay Packers, Covenant Shores challenged Covenant Village of Cromwell, Connecticut, to ante up and show their support for the New England Patriots.

In a letter sent to Covenant Village, they declared, “While we wish your team well, we are confident that before the Groundhog rises wearily to his feet our Hawks will have accomplished a Super Bowl SEA-peat. They wagered a “sizeable stake” of Seattle coffee.

Covenant Village returned the trash talk, writing, “We appreciate the enthusiasm and confidence in your Hawks because we’ve ‘been there and done that.’ Oh yes, we have … actually THREE out of SEVEN times but who’s counting?”

Covenant Village put on the table “our precious golden amber maple syrup.”

At the Midwinter Conference earlier this week, Covenant Shores Chaplain Greg Asimakoupoulos and Covenant Village Chaplain Glen Halvorsen joked that they would pray the other would be consoled when their team lost.





  • Well, today we are all Patriots. Congratulations to New England, and thanks to our friends in Seattle at Covenant Shores. May I ask that you send us that “sizeable portion of Seattle coffee” from Cafe D’Arte? I especially enjoy their “Meaning of Life” Blend – but we’d be happy to have a full assortment!

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