Expressions | Rise: Dream City

Rise: Dream City
Tim Anderson, Ink (markers) on paper, 9″ x 11″

The word graffiti comes from the Italian graffiato, which means “scratched.” Early inscriptions and images were often scratched onto the surface of stone walls—communicating stories and sometimes giving voice to the voiceless. The term and the medium have evolved through the years to include spray paint, stencils, and chalk being applied to virtually any surface as a form of expression, giving voice to those who are often marginalized.

The piece Rise: Dream City by Tim Anderson is a modern form of graffiti. Bold colors support larger-than-life letters. A Seattle skyline is dotted with chewing gum while clouds wander through the dreamlike picture. Studying the byzantine font and design reveal the word Rise—a proclamation that through Christ, we too will rise again.

When told to silence his disciples, Jesus said, “If they keep quiet even the stones will cry out.” Formed by the gospel, shaped by truth, and colored by faith, we are indeed, “living graffiti” and proclaim the truth of our Creator.


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