Five for Friday: Stripping off Band Aid, Heaven Goes to the Dogs, Facebook Cautions

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (December 12, 2014) — Many Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos with one another that Covenant News Service believes may be of interest to others. Each Friday we post five of them. Following is a sample of those submissions—their inclusion does not represent an endorsement by the Covenant of any views expressed.

Saving Africa, Yet Again, with a Song
Don’t buy into the banal music or its underlying message. This critique of one song and its recent adaptation sums up much of what is wrong about how we approach missions.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Pastors on Facebook
Every pastor and congregation member should read this list of excellent advice. Some might disagree with the policy on friending church members. But then there’s a spectrum of views on pastors being friends with members in the “real world.” Congregants should read so they can help their pastor make appropriate decisions that benefit everyone.

This May Be the Ugliest Fish Ever
If you have ever declared that all God creates is beautiful, this may change your mind. It may be one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen—besides those hairless cats and dogs.

Pope Seems to Say You Can Be Reunited with Pets in Heaven
A few simple comforting words by Pope Francis to a boy grieving over the death of his dog have set off a theological controversy around the world about the eternal destiny of our pets. Apparently our Father in heaven has not only many mansions but doghouses as well. At least, the current pope may think so. Turns out that this theological conversation has been a long one, and popes have disagreed with each other. Even if people were to reach consensus that animals do have souls and will be frolicking forever, the next question is, “Do all dogs go to heaven?”

64 Countries Have Religious Symbols on Their Flags
How many would include religious symbols today if they were to redesign their flags and what would that say about the role of religion in our public life and self-understanding? On a less philosophical note, there’s also fodder in here for trivia questions.




  • If God can do a hard thing, can he do an easy thing? Why would a dog have to have a soul to be resurrected or reconstructed or whatever you want to call it. There is no reason why dogs (and many other creatures) could not be a part of the new heaven and new earth. But cats – that’s a different thing altogether.

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