Paul Carlson Partnership Kicks Off Initiative

CHICAGO, IL (September 24, 2014) — The Paul Carlson Partnership today officially kicked off its commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Dr. Paul Carlson for whom the development organization is named.

A regularly updated blog will contain stories about Carlson’s work in Congo, the rebellion that cost him his life, and the ongoing work inspired by his legacy which is helping forge a new future.

The blog also will highlight stories by people who knew Carlson. The first entry is by Naomi Smith, a nurse who served the hospital in Tandala. She recounts doing surgeries with Carlson:

“I remember one time Dr. Paul operated on a pastor there who directed the Bible school at Tandala, Pastor Mpenje Jacob, and I gave the anesthesia. Pastor Mpenje was so appreciative and thanked both of us profusely for putting him to sleep, and then he woke up whole and felt alive again. I appreciated Dr. Paul’s kindness, skill, and generosity because he traveled a long distance from his station at Wasolo, about 300 miles over dirt roads where one could hardly go 30 miles per hour.”

The Congo Clinic Initiative, which also formally launches today, seeks to develop partnerships between churches in the United States and Canada with each of the 108 clinics operated by the Congo Covenant Church. The clinics have no source of electricity or running water.

November 2 is PCP Sunday in the Covenant, and each church will receive a kit in the mail, containing a DVD, kids and family activities, liturgy, Congolese worship songs, and other items for your church service. The kit will be available for download online after October 1.

Churches also will be able to construct their own “clinic” using plans that will be available next week.

The November issue of the Covenant Companion will feature several stories highlighting Carlson and the work of PCP.




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