Obituary: Dean Erickson

SPRING VALLEY, CA (September 17, 2014) — Retired Covenant pastor and missionary Dean Erickson, 89, died Monday morning. Memorial services at Mount Miguel Covenant Village will be at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 27 in the Bailey Center.

dean ericksonDean was born March 29, 1925, in Everett, Washington. He married Donna Olson on June 11, 1954.

He graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a bachelor of arts degree in 1949 and from North Park Theological Seminary with a degree in theology in 1954.

The Ericksons were called for missionary service at the 1954 Covenant Annual Meeting and served as missionaries to Ecuador for three terms beginning in 1955. From 1964 to 1968, Dean served as general director of education for the Ecuadorian Covenant Church.

In 1969, the Ericksons began evangelism work in Medellín, Colombia, before leaving World Mission in 1979. Dean subsequently pastored First Covenant Church of Los Angeles, and Iglesia Del Pacto in Eagle Rock, California.

Dean was wounded while serving with the U.S. Army in WW II. After leaving the Army, he took an aptitude test at the University of Washington, hoping to use the GI Bill to pay for his education and teach math. But the counselor told him that math turned out to be his lowest score, and it would be difficult to get the veteran into a program. On the other hand, he had scored high on becoming a missionary, preacher, or social worker.

“The Lord was collecting on the vow I had made to him when I was lying wounded on the battlefield in Italy,” Dean wrote later. “He had promised to get me home alive if I would follow him. I did, and he did.”

Survivors include his wife and daughter, Deanna Alarcon.


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  • We are saddened by the loss of such a dear brother and friend. We are blessed to have had Dean and Donna with our family and will treasure those years in Eagle Rock. We have pictures of our newborn first grandchild, Lincoln Webster, in the arms of Dean seven years ago in San Diego. We pray Gods comfort on Donna and family. We love you!

  • I’m grateful for the privilege of knowing Dean, Donna, and Deanna and have great memories of their visit to Ecuador when I was a short-term missionary and Deanna was studying in Quito. Peace to his memory!

  • Dean, (Hermano Roberto), was faithful to the promise he made to the Lord in Italy until the very end. He loved others and was never shy about sharing the Good News that Jesus loves each one of us. He had a positive impact on the people of Ecuador, Colombia and anywhere he went. I am eternally grateful to Dean for his positive influence and encouragement throughout our ministry.

  • God bless the faithful witness of Dean Erickson. The Covenant Church is blessed by God to have many faithful men and women who have served Him as missionaries and pastors. May God continue to bless his family and may his witness continue to touch many future generations of his family!

  • Dean and Donna were amazing, authentic believers. Dean’s sense of humor and broad smile drew people to him and ultimately to his savior. They worked hard and lived well. Peace to his memory and love to the family.
    Phil and Jonna Axelson.

  • We are greatly saddened to learn of Dean’s passing. He was a faithful man of God and an excellent example for my son who was young while Dean and Donna pastored Iglesia del Pacto here at Eagle Rock Covenant.

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