Annual Meeting Frequency to Be Studied

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (July 9, 2014) — The Covenant Executive Board will study over the coming year whether the Annual Meeting should be held less frequently.

“Like every other level of polity, including the local church and regional conferences, business meetings are seeing a multi-year flattening or declining trend line in participation,” said President Gary Walter. “This study will look at how to design and promote the Annual Meeting to make sure it maintains its strength as our highest governing authority.”

At the most recent Annual Meeting in June. Evelyn Johnson, interim vice president, read into the minutes a constitutional amendment that would allow the meeting to be held at least every two years. She emphasized it was being introduced as a “place-holder” only in the event the Executive Board decided the frequency of the meetings should be changed.

“It fully allows for the meeting to continue every year, but creates the possibility of considering going to every-other year,” Walter said. “This should not be construed as a recommendation but merely keeping options open while options are under review.”

By having the amendment read into the minutes, the amendment could be voted on as early as next year.




  • I like the idea of a less frequent Annual Meeting but would suggest a more frequent (annual gathering) of Superintendents and Executive Boards of each conference along with the National Leadership and National Executive Board.

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