Churches Asked to Complete Disabilities Survey

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (June 13, 2014) — The Committee on Disability Ministries is asking each Covenant church to take several minutes to complete a survey on disability ministries in order to better provide resources and assistance.

Churches, camps, and other Covenant institutions have been increasing their awareness and ministry to families with special needs, says Millie Lungren, a committee member. Others are considering how they might do the same.

The survey will take no more than five minutes but will have a big impact in helping congregations, Lungren says.

The committee is a ministry of the Department of Christian Formation and is comprised of members involved in serving special needs individuals and their families. Their goal is to help network, educate, and resource churches and the Covenant as a whole so that persons with disabilities and their families are effectively served and fully included in the life and ministries of the Covenant and their local communities.

The committee already makes many resources available and links to others.

“Some people have said that families with special needs are one of the largest unreached people groups,” says Steve Burger, director of children, adult, family, and intergenerational ministries.

“Many families do not attend church because there is no ministry available to them,” Millie Lungren, a committee member said when its logo was introduced. “As a result, we need to be proactive and to plan with intention so that we’re both willing and prepared to welcome everyone, even before a family attends for the first time.”

More Covenant congregations are offering ministries such as “Special Friends” at Crossroads Covenant Church in Loveland, Colorado. For others, serving people with special needs has meant making sure there are no barriers to physical access.

Read “Opening Doors” to learn more about what Covenanters are doing to serve people with special needs.




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