Despite Temps, Pastor Still Set on 1,500-Mile Fundraising Trip

By Stan Friedman

TWIG, MN (January 28, 2014) — Even with the United States suffering the big chill, Brad Shannon, pastor of New Life Covenant Church here, is still determined to embark on his 1,500-mile fundraising snowmobile journey to Churchill, Manitoba, on February 9.

The temperature in Twig today is a balmy  -18 degrees with a  -36 degree wind chill.

Shannon is making the New Frontier Expedition in order to raise funds for the rural church’s building fund. So far, he has reached $6,650 of the $12,000 goal.

Appropriately, the progress in donations is being measured on a thermometer. People can donate through the website.

Shannon says, “Our motto is ‘Faith Takes Risk’ and that has come into play leading up to the adventure, as I’m sure it will during the trip.” He knows there are plenty of things to be concerned about—subzero temperatures, snow piled as high as four feet, even higher snow drifts, frozen tundra, and the possibility of not being able to contact any of the lead drivers who will accompany him during different parts of the trip.

Shannon says he is acting out “two central realities I believe New Life is being called to do. First, God is always inviting us to go, to dream, and to follow.”

Second, he adds, “Risk is inherent to our trust in Jesus. I believe it is only as we step out in faith that we experience God’s faithfulness. Unless we go we will never feel the exhilaration of living in the power of God’s grace and God’s leading.”

Shannon’s wife, Brooke, will accompany him partway by car. Recently she wrote on the project’s Facebook page, “All in all, I am honored to be a part of this fantastic adventure. I am proud of Brad, and I am excited to think big alongside him. God is a big God and what a joy to be a part of his workmanship… even if it is ridiculously cold in parts of his creation.”

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