Covenant Schools of Discipleship Will Network Programs

CHICAGO, IL (November 21, 2013) — A newly formed Covenant Schools of Discipleship (CSD) will pull together initiatives from across the denomination, says Aune Carlson, who oversees the denomination’s early adult ministry area.

So far, the Solid Rock Discipleship Program of Lake Beauty Bible Camp and Acts 29, an international and cross-cultural, three-month discipleship program, comprise the developing organization. To read more about Solid Rock, click here.

The number of institutions and programs is expected to expand in coming years, Carlson says.

“The reality is since the closure of Covenant Bible College there have been a lot of wonderful ideas from that grassroots, some of which have begun to take root while yet others have fallen on harder soil and had a harder time of it,” Carlson says. “The success of many recent discipleship initiatives is due, I believe, in large part to their rootedness in a particular place and their embracing of that context. That’s why we’ve been calling the various programs ‘expressions.’ ”

The Covenant Schools of Discipleship will serve multiple functions, Carlson says. “It will provide the networked groups a level of accountability to maintain Covenant identity and uphold what is distinct of the Covenant, sharing best practices and resources, increased collegiality, mutual encouragement for the leaders of these groups, and support from the denomination.”




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