Former North Park President Lloyd Ahlem Dies

TURLOCK, CA (September 29, 2013) – Lloyd H. Ahlem, the first layperson to serve as president of North Park University and a former director of Covenant Village of Turlock, died  this morning. Ahlem served North Park from 1970 to 1979, a period of significant growth in the college’s history. More information to come.


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  • I was so sadden to learn of Mr. Ahlem’s passing. I have always had the greatest respect for Mr. Ahlem and will always remember him for his humanity, his humor, his brillance, and his Christianity. His passing will be a loss to all of us as individuals and our community. He will be missed.

  • I knew Dr. Ahlem as the head of the Psychology Department at Stanislaus State College in the late 60’s. He literally gave me the honor of being his secretary and I have always valued those several years of working for him. His dedication to God and his family and his genuine interest in his students was always a priority with him.
    Virginia Matthew

  • Lloyd always attempted to make me a Swede. “Asimakoupoul-quist” he would call me. Whenever we would connect at Mission Springs, an annual meeting, or at a golf outing I valued his genuine interest in me. With his signature wry smile he asked hard questions that demanded thoughtful answers. He always appreciated the fact that his college roommate (Stan Sondeno from Turlock) was my cousin.

    • Thanks to those who have already posted such wonderful reflections of Dad. They bring joyful tears. Dad did have his priorities straight—God, then Mom, then family with the rest to follow. He and Mom demonstrated how to treat people with favor over fairness. He loved the word of God and devoted much time to study, teaching, and writing. I appreciate the many friends at Covenant Village, in Turlock and beyond who provided a steady stream of visitors to Dad in his final weeks. Even though there was no way to take advantage of all of them, the many offers of practical, emotional and spiritual support lightened our burden and are greatly appreciated. Thank you, all.

      • Ted, wow. I am so sorry I did not e-mail you sooner. I am out of the Covenant loop and did not know about your dad. I am shocked, sad and yet glad this is only a temporary separation. I will miss his intellect and humor. CRC will miss his willingness to ask the hard questions no one else is asking. You and he are a class act. I miss you both.

        Ted I know this is hard for you and I will be praying for you.

  • Lloyd was such a warm and down-to-earth person, sharing with one and all his wisdom and experience. We greatly enjoyed his visit to Ecuador in the 80’s. This comes with prayers of comfort for his family.

  • The love and graciousness of Lloyd will be missed. His clear and simple counsel was always available. Traveling with Lloyd promoting North Park was a wonderful learning experience for me. Lloyd was able to win the support of those who felt alienated as well as the long time supporter. He was a wonderful listener.

    Lloyd had his priorities in good order, there was no doubt of God coming first and his family following a close second. He was loving and proud of Anne and the children.

    I will miss Lloyd but will be forever thankful for all that he taught me. Blessing’s on Anne and the children. Peace to his memory.

  • The graciousness of this man who taught me so much will be missed. Lloyd was always available to share his sensible and clear counsel. He was an outstanding teacher but was unable to help my golf game as we traveled coast to coast promoting North Park.

    Lloyd’s commitment and pride in his family was always apparent. He had the wonderful ability to keep his priorities in order. Though I will miss him I will forever be thankful for the imprint of his life on my own.

    Blessings on Anne and the children. Peace be to his memory .

  • A good man and a good friend—not to mention a great sense of humor! I already miss him…

  • I am so sorry to hear of Lloyd Ahlem’s passing. He will be greatly missed as friend and a valuable leader in the Covenant in so many areas. Peace to his memory.

  • I have been deeply impacted by the news of Lloyd’s death because he is one of my colleagues that directly and indirectly kept mentoring me with his down to earth, practical wisdom and relevant insights into living out the Christian vocation both within the Christian community and beyond.

    I was on the Board of Directors of NPU during the transition between Karl Olsson’s leadership and Lloyd’s and watched him in action. In our own Pacific Southwest Conference and in the Central Valley of California his presence and counsel as a devoted Covenanter, and a true pietist, and a greatly respected elder statesman of my generation will leave a big hole. He has run his race well and humbly. Blessed is his memory.

  • I am very saddened by this news of Lloyd’s death. He was not only a gifted educator and administrator, but he was also a strong churchman and a good friend to many. He leaves behind a long list of significant contributions to Covenant life. Peace to his memory.

  • Lloyd will be greatly missed as educator and friend, who had a special commitment to senior adult ministry. Our love and prayers to the family.

  • I haven’t personally communicated with Lloyd for many years, but I knew I could always count on a warm greeting and personal interest. I am sorry to hear of his death but rejoice in his homecoming.

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