New CHIC Website Goes Live

CHICAGO, IL (August 6, 2013) – The website for CHIC 2015 is now online. The triennial gathering that draws thousand of attendees from around the world will be held July 12-17, 2015, on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville.

“Our hope in phase one of the CHIC new website is to share the story of God’s transforming power in the lives of his people. There are pictures, videos, testimonials, and CHIC music to help those who attended to remember and for those who have never been to get a glimpse into this ministry,” says Marti Burger, director of youth and young adult ministries.

The youth gathering is by far the largest event sponsored by the Covenant. For many participants, it has been a significant marker in their faith journey.

“The different base camps and focus groups opened my eyes to how others view the world,” writes one student who attended CHIC 2012. “Wednesday night’s mainstage allowed me to recommit myself to God surrounded by my closest friends and believers in Christ.”

Youth leaders who accompany the students frequently say it has been an important event in their lives as well, including one who writes, “It is amazing that in the midst of CHIC where I am continually pouring into students, that God in his infinite power, was able to draw me in and refresh my spirit as well.”

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  • I participated in five CHICs and spent a few days at a sixth, but had to go home to fix a surgery that had gone bad. 1964 was the first one. Each was unique, each was life impacting, not the least for those of us who were speakers and group leaders. Our prayers continue for CHIC. I remember the walk through of the UT gym where we prayed over the location knowing God would move in most of the 6,000 who gathered each night. I remember the big 6’5″ security guy who sat in the exit with his Bible each night. As we left from the final event he threw his arms around me and said it had been the best week of his life. Blessings be to all who make this event happen. The Holy Spirit will do his own creative thing every moment. Lloyd Ahlem

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