CHET Agreement Promises Greater Ministry Opportunities

By Stan Friedman

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA (August 2, 2013) – Centro Hispano de Estudios Teologicos (CHET) entered into its first-ever international agreement to provide free educational material with Covenant churches connected with La Confraternidad de Iglesias del Pacto Evangelico de Iberoamerica (CIPE).

CHET, the Covenant’s Hispanic training school based in Compton, California, entered into the agreement during the recent triennial CIPE meeting held in Medellin.

“I went to CIPE prepared to give knowing that the challenges are many, and the resources to meet those challenges in Latin America are very scarce,” said CHET President Ed Delgado.

“For 25 years, CHET has been blessed with structure, experience, resources, curriculum, and successful programs,” Delgado said. “As CHET has so freely been blessed, we want to bless others.”

Delgado said he was inspired during the trip by the desire for theological education. “There is such a hunger among our Latino world to be equipped and to grow spiritually in order to give of one’s self and fulfill the call to ministry among youth, adult, male and female leaders.”

The agreement was signed July 26. Signers representing CHET were Delgado; Samuel Galdamez, CHET Board member and President of Ministerios Hispanos de la Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico – Hispanic Ministries of the ECC (MHIPE); Magdalena Sanchez, member of the CHET Board and the school’s academic affairs committee, and Covenant President Gary Walter, who also serves as an ex-officio board member.

Signing on behalf of CIPE Henry Burbano, pastor, CIPE president and president of the Ecuador Covenant Church; and Darwin Mora, CIPE vice president.




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