National Covenant Properties Rates Hold Firm

CHICAGO, IL (June 19, 2013) – Rates for National Covenant Properties (NCP) investors remained unchanged, despite a fluctuating and uncertain economy, the NCP Board of Directors decided during its June meeting.

Rates on Variable Rate Certificates and Demand Investment Accounts will remain at 1.5%, with Individual Retirement Accounts and Health Savings Accounts remaining at 3%, according to NCP President Steve Dawson. The five-year Fixed Rate Certificates likewise remain firm at 3%.

NCP also expects to roll out a 403(b) Savings Account within the next month. It will also carry the 3.0% interest rate.

National Covenant Properties uses the funds to support loans to local Covenant churches for various construction purposes, as well as other appropriate ministry projects.

National Covenant Properties, which is an affiliate of the Evangelical Covenant Church, currently oversees $380 million in assets, working with more than 6,000 investors and administering some $260 million in loans.




  • Thanks much for the update. Mindful of my early years in Covenant Properties West, I’m very grateful for the progress at the NCP level. May God continue to give you His wisdom in your difficult loan/investment decisions.

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