Active Service Initiatives Mark First Year of Ministry

LAKE STEVENS, WA (March 4, 2013) – Hope Covenant Church recently marked its first anniversary to honor a year of ministry that has included sponsoring a sports camp, feeding the hungry, and helping the school where it meets.

The congregation began in 2012 with 11 people and has grown to a congregation of more than 100. “It hasn’t always been easy, but we really believe we’re accomplishing our goal of creating a new church that is reaching new people in our community,” says Pastor Bill Walles.

“We’re excited to see lives change as people come to know Jesus,” Walles adds. “We’re so excited to be working side by side with the other great churches in this community now, too. We’re all on the same team and all working towards the same goal!”

One of the church’s first events was its “Souper Bowl” Sunday, which raised hundreds of dollars for the Lake Stevens Community Food Bank. It also has worked with the Lake Stevens Middle School to provide food for the Li’l Hungry Hearts program that helps feed elementary school children in Lake Stevens who may not get enough to eat. The congregation also sponsored a summer sports camp.

Last fall, more than 30 members helped with a beautification project. “It was really our pleasure to give back to the school, as they’ve been such gracious hosts for us this past year,” said Walles. “This is our home, too, and we are so blessed to be able to use it.”

Walles says the church intends to continue searching for more ways to serve the community and share the gospel. “We close our service every week with the same words: ‘Don’t go to church. Be the Church!’ ”




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