Electronic Mission Prayer Calendar Available

CHICAGO, IL (March 1, 2013) – An abbreviated form of the Covenant Missionary Prayer Calendar is available electronically for the first time starting today (Friday).

Recipients will receive a daily email with prayer requests related to Covenant missionaries, the countries they serve, and international ministry partners. Each email will have a photograph of the missionaries. The electronic version coincides with and is designed to complement the printed version rather than to replace it.

Click here to subscribe to the electronic version of the prayer calendar.

“We have done this because we recognize that there are many who prefer to receive information electronically,” says Patty Shepherd of the Department of World Mission. “We want to engage them in ways that are more comfortable for them.”

The printed version also is available for purchase at a cost of $2 for a single issue, or $1.50 per copy in bulk orders of 20 or more copies through CovBooks.com. Click here to order printed copies.




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