There Are No ‘Discounts’ on Compassion

CHICAGO, IL (November 26, 2012) – Our eyes and ears had barely recovered from the onslaught of political advertisements before being overwhelmed with promotions for almost unbelievable Black Friday and Cyber Monday post-Thanksgiving sales.

Advertisements flooded our homes – big box stores selling new and even better television sets at 40 percent off, with numerous inserts spilling out of our newspapers. Of course, our mailboxes were stuffed to capacity.

It is possible one of the publications that contributed to a full mailbox was the Covenant Cares catalog. Hopefully, that was a different and encouraging experience for recipients.

Through Covenant Cares, individuals can purchase gifts of water wells, medicine, livestock, seeds for gardens, and educational resources. The catalog offers no sales or out-of-this-world deals – there are no discounts on compassion.

A Covenant World Relief (CWR) video shows the beneficiaries of Covenanters’ compassion expressing their joyous appreciation. There are the school children in Colombia, women starting businesses in India, fish farmers in Thailand, and others. Many of the projects have been funded through Covenant Cares.

“The gratitude displayed by Covenant World Relief partners in the video may appear to be directed only toward CWR, but the reality is that it is intended for all in the Covenant, both churches and individuals, who give generously and faithfully to the denomination,” notes Dave Husby, CWR director.

Catalogs may be ordered through Covenant Bookstore or downloaded from the Covenant website. You are also able to purchase Covenant Cares gifts online by clicking any item listed.




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