“Slumdog” Professor Meets Girl He Saved

By Stan Friedman

KNOXVILLE, TN (July 19, 2012) – North Park University Professor Boaz Johnson had just finished his human trafficking seminar at CHIC 2012 on Tuesday when a teenage girl walked up to him and said he had saved her life.

The girl had been a victim of human trafficking in an Asian country. She was rescued and adopted by her parents who attend a Covenant church in the United States. The parents had heard Johnson speak about trafficking several years ago and then decided they wanted to adopt a child who had endured slavery.

“When she told me, my jaw just dropped,” said Johnson. “I was stunned.”

Johnson teaches biblical and theological studies at the university and is referred to sometimes as the “slumdog” professor because he grew up in a ghetto of New Delhi, India. Although he was never enslaved, some of his friends were taken in the middle of the night, and he never saw them again.

Today, another girl, one who was adopted from India as a baby, told Johnson that she had been inspired through the Covenant’s focus on trafficking to return to New Delhi and help rescue slaves.

Johnson has spoken frequently at Covenant churches and previous CHICs about slavery. After CHIC in 2009, several youth groups returned to their churches and sponsored anti-trafficking events.




  • What a WONDERFUL story. Praise the Lord for those who make a practical application to God’s word.

  • Wow. Powerful. What an experience for the two of them. Makes you think about that verse about casting your bread upon the water and God’s word not returning void in a new way…

  • That’s awesome! i was there for one of the sessions that day & was so thankful i went 🙂 God works in mysterious ways & I know it is not by chance that this happened. I really hope God will use me in such a way that maybe even I can save the life of someone in need.

  • All I can say the Power of God in the heart of man is real and when we follow he leads to rewards here on Earth it doesnt began when we pass our rewards are to be a blessing here on Earth. Proof. lets get busy.

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