Generosity, Stewardship Resolution to be Presented

CHICAGO, IL (May 25, 2012) – The Christian Action Commission (CAC) will present a new draft of a resolution on generosity and stewardship during the 127th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church in June.

Resolutions provide local churches the opportunity to discuss and reflect on issues of public discipleship. Since 2010, the CAC has adopted a new format for considering its lengthier resolutions so that resolutions may be presented in draft format for the church to review once a year, and subsequently be adopted in its final format at the following year’s Annual Meeting.

The yearlong review process is intended to help create time and space for greater awareness, reflection, and education throughout the wider church on the particular topic. The process also keeps the draft open for churches and individuals to submit comments or recommended edits.

The CAC has partnered with the Commission on Stewardship, various regional conference staff, and the Department of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice on this resolution.

In addition to seeking comments from readers, the CAC has provided a resource sheet for discussion of stewardship and generosity. For small groups, Sunday schools, and other group settings, a one-page discussion guide is available, as well. Materials also will be available in Spanish.

Use the online comment form to share your ideas, resource suggestions, experience, or what you have learned as you have gone through the discussion guide together. The deadline for feedback is October 1 this year.

Click here to access the resolution and accompanying materials. Click here to access other resolutions.




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