Bylaw Changes Address Seminary Leader Title

CHICAGO, IL (May 21, 2012) – A number of amendments to the Evangelical Covenant Church bylaws will be presented to delegates attending the 127th Annual Meeting June 21-24 in Irvine, California.

All of the proposed changes relate to a change in title of the top position at North Park Theological Seminary. If approved, the title will change from “president and dean” to “dean.”

The following bylaws would be amended by eliminating the words “president and”: Section 7.9.d.i, Section 7.9.d.i.(4), Section 7.9.e.i, Section 7.9.f, Section 7.9.f.i, Section 7.9.f.ii, Section 7.9.g.iv, Section 8.1.k, Section 10.3.b.i.(3), Section 11.1.b, Section 12.3.j, and Section 14.3.a.

In addition, the heading of Section 7.9.d would be amended so as to read: “Executive Ministers, Corporate Presidents, and Dean of North Park Theological Seminary Called by the Annual Meeting.”




  • What changed? An all too common academic power struggle over who runs the seminary, its President and Dean or the President of the University.

  • A few years ago we changed the title from “dean” to “president and dean” because we were told that doing so cleared up communication problems when the chief officer of NPTS met with equivalents at other seminaries. Now we want to change it back to what it was. What changed?

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