Minnesota Church Mourns Death of Michigan Woman

BLOOMINGTON, MN (January 31, 2011) – Members of Bloomington Covenant Church are mourning the shooting death of Michigan resident Amy Henslee.

Her grandmother’s sister, Char Jorgenson, attends the Bloomington church. The 30-year-old mother of two went missing from her Hartford Township home Monday morning. Her husband, James, reported her missing later that night. Henslee’s body was found Friday morning.

The cousin of Henslee’s husband, Junior Lee Beebe, is accused of killing Henslee and another woman, Tonya Howarth, 36.




  • Thank you for the thoughtful article about Amy Henslee’s untimely and horrible death. I am remaining in Michigan (from Bloomington, MN) for a few weeks as my famiily struggles with the reality of what happened. The prayers that have ascended, as a result of your article, have been heard, and God has his Everlasting Arms around each of us. Thank you again for sharing the story.

  • This isn’t actually a comment about this story but I don’t see another way to get reset up for automatic forwarding of the news stories. With the launch of the new website I stopped getting the news stories and would like to be back on the list. My father, Bert Erickson, has also stopped getting them and would like to be back on the list. The two e-mail addresses are:

    wccjoan@juno.com, berte820@sbcglobal.net. Thank you, Joan Wallgren

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