Meztli Gonzalez, 23

Children’s Minister, Grace Covenant Church and Iglesia del Pacto Nueva Vision, San Diego, CA

Meztli’s varied experiences in youth ministry have made her passionate about the need for more full-time staff in the church who are dedicated to serving youth and children. “Kids need to know that we will be there for them when they need us,” she says. “They need to know that they can trust us.”

She has acted as a bridge between English- and Spanish-speaking congregations in her church, and she has also served as a translator at Women Ministries events, the Annual Meeting, and the Midwinter Conference.


greybutton-40u40Books on your nightstand/e-reader: Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham
Favorite way to waste time: Watching Netflix or going to the mall to window shop
Favorite TV show: One Tree Hill
Choose a superpower—fly or to be invisible: I would choose to be able to fly.