Jenny Rae Armstrong, 37

greybutton-40u40Freelance Writer, Gender Justice and Equality Advocate
Maple, WI


Jenny’s passion is building up women—and through them, the church. “I consider my writing a ministry of exhortation,” she says, “so I love hearing that it has encouraged, strengthened, or made a tangible difference in someone’s life.”

She also speaks regularly on a variety of topics, whether it’s ministering to suburban moms or working for gender equality in other countries. Her work can be read in many print and online venues, including Relevant magazine and Christianity Today’s Her.Meneutics blog. She focuses on issues of gender justice and equality.

“I am one of those lucky folks who was born into the Covenant,” she says. “I love the Covenant’s passion for hospitality, justice, unity in diversity, and of course its support for women in ministry.” Jenny is pursuing an M.Div. from North Park Theological Seminary, and lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Aaron, and their four sons. She recently accepted a pastoral position at a Wesleyan church in Superior, Wisconsin.

Books on your nightstand/e-reader: Whatever my professors assign. Aside from that, I’m teaching a Sunday-school class on Families Where Grace Is in Place by Jeff VanVonderan, and skimming N.T. Wright’s Revelation for Everyone commentary.
Favorite way to waste time: Treasure hunting in thrift shops.
Favorite TV show: Who wants to watch TV when you could be listening to audiobooks? J.R.R. Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Diana Wynne Jones—fantasy audiobooks make folding laundry bearable.
Choose a superpower—fly or be invisible: I’d chose flight, but super speed would be far more practical. It would be easier to keep up with my boys, I could get all the boring stuff done in a snap, and I wouldn’t mind having The Flash’s metabolism. More time to flop on the couch with my boys and devour brownies, without negative consequences.