Big Q: What’s the story behind your favorite Christmas ornament?

Christmas Tomte
By Linda Sladkey

CHICAGO, IL (September 1, 2016) — Christmas decorations are up at my neighborhood craft store. It’s way too early by my way of thinking, but I have this compulsive desire to check out what’s new this year.
I have no plans to buy anything. We have eight boxes of treasured decorations in our basement that I trundle out every year—heirlooms from Grandma’s tree, craft projects from the kids’ elementary years, vacation mementos. But my all-time favorite ornament is a walnut shell with the face of a Swedish tomte I received in college. A thoughtful woman in the North Park area made each tiny ornament by hand and delivered them to students who had worked at Portage Lake Bible Camp. Each year I hang it right at eye level, reminding me of camp and college and the kindness of that woman.

With sixteen short weeks until Christmas, the Companion wants to know if you have a favorite ornament. Tell us the story. And send us a picture if you have one; we’d love to see it.


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