Five for Friday: Cougars Save Lives, Feasts and Food Allergies, Teen Spirituality

CHICAGO, IL (July 29, 2016) — Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos that Covenant News Service believes may be of interest to others. Each Friday we post five of them. Following is a sample of those submissions—their inclusion does not represent an endorsement by the Covenant of any views expressed.

10,000 Cougars Can Prevent Hundreds of Car Accidents

Sometimes the solution to a problem may sound absurd at first, but then when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Getting past the idea this proposal would mean eliminating Bambi may be the hard part.

From the article: “But every year, deer are involved in 1.2 million motor vehicle collisions, resulting in around 200 deaths, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That makes deer deadlier than predators like the North American grizzly, great white sharks, and all venomous snakes combined.”

Feasting and Fellowship in the Age of Food Allergies

Coming together to eat at the table—whether it be communion or potluck—has always emphasized the unity of corporate body. But with the explosion of food allergies, how does a church make adjustments so that everyone might come as they are?

From the article: “What is most important is de-stigmatizing our environments and intentionally creating opportunities for those with significant allergies to share in the life of the whole church without feeling as though their special needs are a burden.”

teen rosary hands

The Spiritual Life of American Teenagers

Teenagers are a lot more interested in connecting with God and a community of faith than they sometimes get credit for, and the church needs to consider the implications for how it ministers among them.

From the article: “For many of these teenagers, time in church—especially time spent in adoration and silent prayer—was their chance to plug into another kind of experience altogether. Like me, they each responded positively to the opportunity to be quiet and alone with Jesus—together. In adoration, there is no pressure, no set prayer, no youth programs that pander to what they think young adults want. Just presence.”

Is Watching Gymnastics Worse Than Being an NFL Fan?

gymnastics-583670_960_720Greater awareness of the toll football can take on players’ bodies means many fans have questioned whether they should support the sport by watching it. But gymnastics also takes a huge toll on participants’ bodies and psyches, so what are fans and parents to do?

From the article: “What’s beautiful to me about the sport is the way that it dramatizes obsessive determination. When Gabby Douglas manages extraordinary heights in her uneven-bars release moves, we feel viscerally the extraordinary power of not just the human body but the human will.”

Am I Disabled? For Millions, There’s Not Always a Clear Answer

The author recounts his journey to determine whether a neurological condition actually counts as a disability. There’s a lot of identity issues at play, as well as possible social stigma to consider.

From the article: “In forums and blogs, and among my friends with brain damage, serious mental illness, or other less-apparent issues, plenty of people want to know whether it’s accurate, acceptable, or functionally vital to call themselves disabled. But there just aren’t that many guidelines out there.”




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