Novak Nominated to Serve Second Term

0316 novak photo

CHICAGO, IL (March 17, 2016) — Mark Novak has been nominated to serve as executive minister of Develop Leaders for a second term, it was announced.

“Mark has proven to be an excellent leader who is able to balance the demands of the position and his relationships with so many in the denomination,” said Andy Sebanc, pastor of Green Timbers Covenant Church in Surrey, British Columbia, and chair of the Board of Ordered Ministry, which served as the nominating committee.

“This decision was based on our work with Mark over the past four years and an extensive 360-degree review that was completed prior to our Midwinter meetings,” Sebanc said. “His position is not an easy one as he leads a diverse and growing group of pastors, yet he continues to be the joyful and loving person God has gifted him to be.”

Sebanc added, “Mark is a visionary who understands the challenges the church is facing in ministering in the world today and is helping us navigate these challenges.”

Greg Yee, superintendent of the Pacific Northwest Conference, said, “Mark will bring the continuity of leadership and care to address the important topics of our shared ministry. We are happy for a sense of clarity in Mark’s life and celebrate his re-nomination for this vital role.”

Novak said he was humbled by the committee’s desire for him to continue. “We want to continue to develop care for ministers,” he said, adding that several forthcoming initiatives are being considered by the executive board that he wants to help lead.

Novak praised his staff, whom he said has made it possible for him to continue serving. Late last year, he took a two-month leave of absence due to a family medical crisis.


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