What Made Three-point Shot So Special?

By Linda Sladkey

Liam-Hollidge-basketball-Minnehaha-Academy-Minneapolis-4Minneapolis, MN (February 10, 2016) — It’s not every day that a high-school basketball player gets featured on the local TV news for making a three-point basket, but that’s what happened to Liam Hollidge, who plays for Minnehaha Academy, a ministry of the ECC Northwest Conference.

That’s because Hollidge had never played the sport until just weeks before. Coach Larry Suggs told Hollidge, who also is only four feet, five inches tall, “You know Liam, first we need to learn how to catch the ball.”

Hollidge’s undeniable example of grit, discipline, and perseverance earned the respect of his teammates, who made it a season goal to get Liam to score. When the ball went through the net for three points at the recent game against St. Paul Academy, the entire team stormed the court.

Upon entering high school, Hollidge realized he didn’t want to spend his free time sitting around playing video game, but did want to try basketball. In an interview on Minneapolis’ KARE-TV Channel 11, Hollidge shared, “I just said to myself, if I don’t play basketball, I will always regret that decision.”