Web Watch Returns: Best Bible Study Sites

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (December 29, 2015)—In January, the Companion plans to revive the former feature “Web Watch,” offering reviews of websites about particular topics. This new version, however, will involve more crowdsourcing, and we are looking for your input.

1229 blb_splashBecause many people begin the new year resolved to read and study their Bibles more, we want to help by sharing some of the best online sites to help create such plans. These can include websites, blogs, online classes, or podcasts. Let us know what you consider among the best and a couple of sentences about why. We’ll check them out and pull together a list of the resources that rise to the top and publish them on January 11.




  • I have found Precept Austin very helpful, both for my own study and especially for preparation of adult Sunday lessons. It provides multiple Bible translations and multiple commentators’ viewpoints. Excellent source for verse-by-verse study.

  • Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah and Proverbs31 Ministry and the new First5 App are tops on my list. I co-lead a women’s Bible study at church and these resources have been valuable in challenging us to understand who Jesus is and who he wants us to be and how to prepare our hearts and minds for eternity. A catalyst for us a few years ago was the Rock Solid study published by The Covenant. An excellent study!

  • I have used Scripture Union’s “Encounter with God” for my daily devotions since 1963 and depend on it. The entire bible is covered in a 5-year cycle — OT once and NT twice with commentary. Over the years they have developed numerous helps such as a children’s ministry and recently a children’s daily devotional. Their purpose is to help people meet God in his word every day and help kids develop a habit of doing the same. Excellent material. See http://www.ScriptureUnion.org.

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