5 Pretty Good Reasons to Subscribe to the Companion

CHICAGO, IL (December 14, 2015) – We’re thrilled that you are reading the Companion online, but we know there are still some pretty good reasons to subscribe to the print version of the magazine, especially since the 2-for-1 special gets you a subscription and you get to give another to a friend. “What are those reasons you ask?” Well, since you asked,  here are the first five.

1. Print is safer.


2. Print is so retro.

3. Magazines don’t crash.

4. How you’ll feel if you miss the 2-for-1 offer.

5. Friends will be thrilled when their issue arrives!

New subscribers can sign up online. Be sure to enter the gift recipient’s name in the “special instructions” box. Readers who are renewing their subscriptions also may send a gift subscription. To get this deal, call (773) 596-2479.


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  • I am a retired pastor who has been an active reader of the Companion for many years…I call it our family connection. I would encourage churches to put a copy in welcome packets for first time visitors…most people have enough mugs already! Or a year’s subscription for new members. While I am extremely supportive of the wide diversity and multicultural expansion of our Covenant, something has been lost from the ethos of the “family” feeling…and the variety and diversity is just what makes us, as a Covenant, so attractive! I praise God for the professional quality and pray that many others will catch the joy in their reading patterns.

  • If correct, I am not the only one who enjoys reading the newspaper (preferably seven days per week, not fewer) in print rather than online. I miss the monthly Companion but will settle for bi-monthly. However, with the size of the Covenant Church compared to the Companion membership and readership, I would encourage every attempt the Companion and the Denomination could make to increase the readership. It is essential as well as inspirational and should be read by many more Covenanters.

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