Covenant Church in Minneapolis to Host Prayer for Peace, Justice

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (November 20, 2015) — Community Covenant Church will be the site of Service of Prayer: Seeking Peace and the Presence of Justice, on Tuesday, November 24, in response to the shooting death of Jamar Clark just blocks from the church.

prayer for peace protestClark was black, and the two officers involved are white. There have been widely different accounts of what happened, and the incident has sparked protests, some of which have been violent.

“My heart is heavy for our community,” pastor Luke Swanson said in an email today. “There is an opportunity for the church to be a nonviolent presence for peace and justice.”

He added, “I have been encouraged by the many conversations I have had with community leaders and residents seeking change for our community.”

Many of the community’s church leaders were at the protest site to encourage peaceful, nonviolent protest, Swanson said. “I have reminded people in the community to be careful with language and words because our children are listening and watching.”

Swanson added, “This is not a time for finger pointing, but to be united. No matter what one’s opinion is, Christians can make space to grieve with people, to call everyone to value the human dignity of all people, to point the way to justice and help be a peaceful presence.”

“We are looking for positive, hopeful conversation that not only points out ‘injustice’ but points the way toward ‘justice,’ ” Swanson said.

The prayer service on Tuesday will start at 7 p.m.




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