Covenanter in Paris Reflects on Power of Fear

PARIS, FRANCE (November 17, 2015) — The fear that has followed the terrorist attacks here has the potential to cause people to behave in ways that shock even themselves, says Patricia Dewitt, a member of NewSong Covenant Church and a missionary from the church to France.

In a YouTube video posted Sunday from the apartment she and her husband, Peter, share, Dewitt describes one incident in which she was fearful of someone who was following them. But his intentions proved different from what they thought.

Dewitt also is a guide with XEALOTS, an outreach of NewSong that brings together entrepreneurs, activists, innovators, and artists to learn from and collaborate with each other.




  • I appreciate very much what Patricia shared. As I watch the issue of fear – who we should fear, who is the enemy and how we protect ourselves – being argued and seemingly dividing Americans, I think her experience and response illustrates it right on. It seems to me that that fear is a normal human response when we are attacked and when we know there is a real enemy out there. This fear of the enemy is how we survive. I think our response should be to accept this as part of our nature but then move on to how to be safe without being controlled by our fear.

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