New Website Designed for Under-Resourced Worship Leaders

HAPPY VALLEY, OR (November 9, 2015) — A new website for worship leaders offers resources, links to websites, instructional videos, classes, and even connections with coaches, all free of charge.

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The site “Leading Worship Together” is the brainchild of Martin Torres Jr., who helps lead worship at Access Covenant Church in Portland, Oregon. He has been leading worship in various venues for more than 20 years and has a master’s in worship leadership degree.

He started the site because he knows most churches are too small to pay worship leaders and musicians, let alone help pay for their training. It was a situation he experienced when he first started.

Today there is a breadth of information available. “You no longer have an excuse not to get better at your craft,” Torres says.

But knowing where to start and which information is really good can be difficult. Torres says the new site is a great place to start.

There are materials and links for leaders with different levels of expertise as well as for non-musicians who are responsible for helping in the service. For example, he notes, “If you want the person running sound board to learn more, there is stuff there.”

Torres emphasizes resources, including coaches, are available to help people serving in just about any type of church. “Every coach comes from a different context,” Torres says. “We’re just trying to connect people, not push a certain style.”

Some of the most important resources and links have nothing to do with acquiring technical skills, however. There are numerous links to sites that help with spiritual formation. “The spiritual formation of the leader is crucial, but many leaders don’t take the time or know where to turn.”

So Torres has supplied links to a broad gamut of sites, ranging from the blog of Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, to a labyrinth circle locator.

Torres had been the primary worship leader at Access but stepped away from that role when his life became too hectic, and his passion for the ministry suffered. But that is changing. “As I’m putting together the website, I’m feeling this passion and hunger again for worship leading and teaching,” he says.

He also is in the beginning stages of offering a free “school of worship” that will include videos produced for the site as well as contain other information.

The site continues to expand as Torres attracts more coaches and adds more classes, but he is again being stretched to his own limits.

“As this gets bigger, I need more collaborators,” he says.




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