Five for Friday: Mass Shooting Capital, Seeing the Creator’s Hand, Post-Season Baseball

1010 five for friday mass shootingCHICAGO, IL (October 9, 2015) — Many Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos with one another that Covenant News Service believes may be of interest to others. Each Friday we post five of them. Following is a sample of those submissions—their inclusion does not represent an endorsement by the Covenant of any views expressed.

America’s Mass Shooting Capital Is Chicago

Mass shootings are defined as having three or more victims. By that definition, there were 107 mass shootings in Chicago last year. According to the Chicago Tribune, that number is way up this year. As of July 25, there have been 192 mass shootings.

From the Daily Beast article: “When a crazed gunman shoots up innocents on a tree-lined campus in a sleepy Oregon town, calls to action are loud and forceful. But when six people are shot in the 4300 block of West Wilcox in Chicago—as they were last year—there is silence.”

Most of the shootings occur in a few impoverished, violence-ridden neighborhoods, such as West Garfield Park, West Englewood, and Chatham. That’s why Spike Lee chose “Chiraq” to be the title for the movie he is filming here.

Why Some 13-Year-Olds Check Social Media 100 Times a Day

Researchers contracted by CNN analyzed an estimated 150,000 social media posts collected over a six-month period from 200 eighth graders 1010 five for friday social mediaaround the country. In addition, the teens also answered a number of survey questions about their use of social media. Anxiety over what others might be saying about them is one of the biggest motivators. According to the story, “some teens are so vigilant about those who might be casting them in a negative light, they follow the social media accounts of not only their friends, but also their enemies.” This is must reading for parents, most of whom have too little idea about what their children are doing on social media and how the teenagers are being affected emotionally.

Even Non-Religious Americans See Creator’s Hand

A survey by Lifeway Research found that 43 percent of nones—people who say they are not connected with any particular religion—believe “The fact that we exist means someone created us.” However, fewer agreed that “Since people have morality, I think there is a creator who defines morality.”

ACLU Sues Public School Over Annual Christmas Production

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom from Religion Foundation have filed suit against a public school district in Concord, New Hampshire, charging that the district’s Christmas Spectacular unconstitutionally endorses religion on public school grounds. The annual event includes a live nativity and Scripture reading. The plaintiffs argue the event should be solely secular. The suit was filed on behalf of a high school student in the music department who says he must come in “direct and unwelcome contact with the objectionable portion of the Christmas Spectacular.”

While the lawsuit will certainly anger many Christians, it might cause us to consider how we might react if we or our children had to participate in a program that promoted a different faith.

Pitcher Bob Gibson Recalls Baseball Era When Only the Series Counted

1010 five for Friday GibsonThis one is included in honor of the historic Cardinals-Cubs playoff series that opens tonight. The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer pitched three complete games in the World Series contests against the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers but says he never would have been as dominant if the playoffs existed then. He writes, “The postseason takes a toll. The demands are draining.” But, he continued, “It was what we played all spring and summer for. No matter how worn-out or beaten-down I felt, I could rally myself for one tense, exciting, decisive World Series matchup. But to sustain that level of intensity for nearly a month, series after series? I just don’t know about that.”

Gibson, who had a miniscule 1.12 earned run average for all of 1968, says that despite waxing nostalgic for the old days, “I don’t mind watching the playoffs. As long as my Cardinals are involved.” That also means he’s hoping he will only have to watch Jake Arrieta pitch once against the Cardinals. As for Cubs fans, they’re hoping to see a lot more of the ace who had a historic .075 ERA for the second half of the season and nearly matched Gibson with a 1.77 ERA for the year.

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