Delegates Approve Water Resolution

KANSAS CITY, MO (June 27, 2015) — Delegates to the 130th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church passed the 2015 Resolution on Water, which exhorts Covenanters to conserve water, raise awareness of severe shortages, and work to make clean water accessible to all populations around the world.

The resolution states, “Today we are experiencing a water crisis that is causing a ‘silent tsunami’ of human suffering and ecological damage in every nation. Despite significant progress in the past twenty years, approximately 750 million people—one out of ten people in the world—do not have access to clean water.”


James Amadon, chair of the Commission on Christian Action, presented the clean water resolution to delegates.

Resolutions are non-binding but do carry significant weight, explained James Amadon, chair of the Commission on Christian Action, in his presentation of the resolution. They are meant to spur congregations and individuals to delve deeper into particular issues. The resolution was passed with no discussion.

This year, CHIC 2015 is sponsoring Project Blue and partnering with Covenant World Relief, the Hindustani Covenant Church, and Water First to raise awareness and money for clean water projects around the world. The triennial youth gathering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville will be held July 12-17 this year.



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