Five for Friday: In Praise of Hymnals, Wikipedia Edit Wars, Krista Tippett

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (August 1, 2014) — Many Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos with one another that Covenant News Service believes may be of interest to others. Each Friday we post five of them. Following is a sample of those submissions—their inclusion does not represent an endorsement of any views expressed.

15 Reasons to Use Hymnals

If you care about worship and want to read sane commentary on the topic, then read this blog. I’ve now bookmarked it for future reference. His follow-up post, “We Should Use Hymnals Because…,” is worth reading too. If the Covenant were to publish another hymnal, what do you think should be included?

Wikipedia’s Edit Wars and the 8 Religious Pages People Can’t Stop Editing

Promoting accurate representations of topics and eliminating hate speech are just part of the job for people who oversee the editing of Wikipedia pages. Some tasks and entries require more work than others. Interesting tidbit: “Most of the edits to Wikipedia articles, especially ones on religion, are made by men, according to a 2011 study by the University of Minnesota. Women accounted for just 7 percent of the edits on religion articles.”

How Not to Say the Wrong Thing

We’ve probably all said the wrong thing to someone during their time of crisis. This chart and honest story offers a way to keep us from doing it again.

Does Religion Make You Happy?

A second question would be: Should we expect religion to make us happy? What happens if you go to church and you’re not “better off”? One church in South Carolina is offering a money-back guarantee on your tithe if you don’t feel more blessed by the end of 90 days.

NPR “On Being” Host Talks About Spiritual Life of Religion Reporter

I love Krista Tippett’s show and have the chance to interview her in two weeks. Any questions you would like me to ask?




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