Obituary: Muriel Rocene

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN (April 17, 2014) — Muriel Rocene, 87, who worked in the Covenant Offices accounting department for 40 years, died April 10.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Covenant Village of Golden Valley.

Muriel was born in Little Falls, Minnesota, and attended Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis and North Park College in Chicago.

She served under four Covenant presidents—Theodore W. Anderson, Clarence Nelson, Milton Engebretson, and Paul Larsen. Muriel held the position of office manager from 1971 until her retirement in 1983.

“She gave her whole life in service to the Covenant and most likely was the longest serving individual of anyone who ever worked at Covenant Offices,” said Dean Lundgren, vice president for finance and director of pensions. “In her last year of service, prior to her retirement, I had the privilege of being her supervisor—which actually means she taught me what to do.”


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  • Muriel was a wonderful and loving servant of the Lord. As missionaries we could always count on her. My sympathies to her family as they mourn her loss.

  • Muriel was one of those delightful people I always enjoyed seeing at “5101.” She was one of our Lord’s choice servants. Peace to her memory.

  • Missionaries will never forget the diligence that Muriel displayed every month – getting our monthly reports out (hand written for all the missionaries). Especially at Christmas time, she worked long hours writing the financial situation reports so that we would have them before Christmas day. She was a wonderful friend and leaves a legacy to all who work at Covenant Headquarters.

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